You’ve probably heard about “catflation” before. It’s basically when the government spends money faster than checks are issued. The result? Checkbooks get bigger and more expensive banknotes must be printed until the money supply balances out. But what if that cat was your computer? We all know that our web pages need to load fast so visitors can find what they’re looking for. But what if our web pages needed to host more content than just a few links to different websites? What if we had to support even more languages and browser types? Enter "catflation" — it's when the government spending too much money too quickly causes inflation in general. And in this game of world domination, online cats have been declared Cat-A-Gory while every other kind of animal is "Cat B." Which means you compete against other countries by hosting your web pages where their citizens can see them the most easily. 

You are reading an HTML5 game. You should play awesome cat games, right? Well, this game is kinda fun but it’s also kind of gross and gory. Do you like cats with fangs? If so, this game is for you! The monsters are real. 

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