If you'd rather utilize your meteorological knowledge than your vocabulary, check out Cloudle, a fun new free game that was inspired by Worlde. It challenges players to forecast the five-day weather for a new randomly chosen city around the world, filling in a grid with weather symbols each day. It's lovely, and the weather is Wordle.

Rob Ousbey developed Cloudle, a daily weather prediction guessing game, in 2022. Players are tasked with predicting the weekly weather forecast for several cities around the world in this game. Specific cloud conditions like Clear, Rain, and Snow are the focus of the forecast. 

Using guesses, you fill out a grid in the standard Wordle style. By using weather symbols rather than typing words, we attempt to predict the weather for a random city for the following five days. After that, it will let us know whether a symbol shows in the forecast at all, whether it does so but is not where we would like it to be, or whether we successfully anticipated it. You have six guesses for the daily puzzle. A wonderful time!

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