New and Brainy is a free, fun and challenging game where you can test your knowledge on different subjects like geography, history, science, sports, entertainment and more. The game offers you to choose from many categories and difficulty levels. You will find everything from easy to difficult challenges! Are you ready for the ultimate challenge? 

Bored of the same old puzzles? Then try something different! This Dingbats is a daring challenge for puzzle-lovers of all ages. It’s an arcade-style game with 100 crazy levels and an endless supply of conundrums. The rules are simple: find the hidden red dot in each image as quickly as you can. 

How good are your visual recognition skills? Test them right now with this fun and challenging game. Are you a kid at heart who loves puzzles and brain teasers? Then you won’t be able to put our new game, Puzzled Pics, down! This addicting game is perfect if you’re looking for something simple yet challenging. 

Dingbats is the game of those wonderful puzzles with letters that have a meaning and have become famous by many people. Those who like to spend time solving puzzles, this game is for you. In it you will find lots of challenges with different characters, each with their own code and tasks to solve them. 

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