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If you've never played GardenEscape, then get ready to change that. It's a word game with a fun and important twist - your garden is growing by the second, and you'll need to work quickly to beat the clock. The longer the word the better, so if you want to succeed, you'll need to think about long words and their numerous letter combinations.

Language is a powerful tool, and in the past few years, it has grown to be an essential part of marketing campaigns. We live in a highly visual world, yet at the same time, we process images using our verbal parts of the brain. That’s why stats show that even though you can get twice as much information from a picture than from text, people understand the text better.

In GardenEscape Word Game you will encounter plants and animals. If you know their names, you can finish the level in a blink of an eye. This word game for kids and adults was inspired by the educational game for children and adults called "High Speed Escape", which was created by FlashGameDistribution.



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