Happy Halloween Match3

Are you a match maker? Do you like matching matching game? If you answered YES to both of the questions above, Halloween is the time to come out of hiding and PLAY HALLOWEEN MATCH 3! After all, who's going to stop us from playing Happy Halloween Match3 games during the spooky season? Well, in this Halloween Match 3 game for android, you can help the ghosts complete their matches by making them drop candy on the correct number of lines. Sounds easy enough, right? But this game is much more complex than it first appears due to its advanced match-3 mechanic. Prepare yourself for a labyrinthine journey through 80 levels filled with challenging obstacles and twists that will test your match-making skills. Keep an eye out for hidden secrets and bonus levels along the way that will further increase your challenge. Once you have completed all 80 levels and unlocked all 40 achievements, don’t forget to play again with different characters to take on new challenges! 

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