The way you play Hogwartle is identical to how you play the game it so obviously inspired. When the game page loads, you see five gray boxes that need to be filled out with six guesses in order to reach Hogwarts of the day.

Similar to other Wordle versions, the orange box indicates that you have the right letter in the wrong location, while the green box indicates that you have the right letter in the right position. The hidden word must be found six times in order to keep the desired skill. Apart from that, playing Hogwarts is a very enjoyable experience. It will be difficult to conjure up complex, franchise-specific phrases if you don't know your Tonks from your Scabbers.

Everybody can get stuck on difficult words, but fortunately, there are helpful house elves hiding nearby who will give you suggestions if you need them. This could be a fantastic opportunity for you to help others if you have confidence in your spelling abilities! Making a wordle out of various colored tiles to depict each character, their pet, and magical creature is the game's ultimate challenge.

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