House Word 2022

The first new World Word game in over a decade is here! The 22nd Century is a dark time. The Earth is being attacked by an alien race known as the UVics who have transformed our world into a war-like battleground. Only one thing can save us: A new world word game called, “Word 2022”. Use logic, strategy and vocabulary to fight off other players and be the last one standing! This fun word game for all ages features engaging points of view from both the UVic and the winning team’s perspective. No time to think? No worries! Just jump right into the action with simple moving blocks graphics that are easy on the eyes. Did we mention it’s also optimized for every device and window configuration? 

The House Word 2022 was an international word game event held every four years in order to reduce the number of games per year. Each Olympic sport would have a word game sub-event with its own theme, rules, and judges. The first 20 words of every speech or written communication would be the official starting point for contestants in the game. The first player to correctly guess the word within the given time limit wins the round and is awarded points.


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