Knife Vs

When the earth was created there was only one god: Jonty. But then, the world’s favourite sword-fighting game came along, and it seemed that not only had Jonty disappeared from everyone’s life but so had sword fighting games too. It wasn’t until we met Knife that it all transpired. A team of developers created a new blade fighting game and given its success released it under the name Swordio. The Knife Vs is still available on mobile but if you want to cut loose with an original take on the genre you need to go for Swordio instead.

Are you ready to fight your friends and fight the world with a knife or a sword? The choice is fighting is an ancient martial art that has been performed around the world for thousands of years. In Knife Vs, you can learn the history, techniques, and rules of this martial art like no other fighting game available on mobile devices. It's easy to play and perfect your skills with practice modes and challenging opponents. 

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