Match Pictures To Words

Let’s have some fun matching pictures to words! Matching games are a great way to practice reading and word recognition. You can also mix it up by having the vocabulary match as well as the pictographic word. There are many versions of this game out there but our version is simple: just pictures of words and you are done. The pictures will either be related to the word or simply show a word with a picture that matches it. 

Match Pictures To Words is a fun game that you and your kids will love. It is also a great way to improve memory and concentration skills. The hang-up? Matching games are hard to learn, because they require the player to use logic and strategy as well as focus and attention. If you’re looking for ways to play with your kids that require no brain power but plenty of concentration, then matchmaking games are for you! These games are easy enough for the little ones to play but challenging enough for the grown-ups. 

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