As the name suggests, Mathle is a math-based word game where you can use your mathematical prowess to identify the equation and how it appears. The developer of the game is the same independent hacker that made Reversle, another Wordle equivalent. Wordle's core features are maintained by Mathle, but you must reveal an equation comprised of numbers and the two fundamental arithmetic operations "+" and "-" rather than letters.

A '=' sign divides the eight empty boxes you receive into five on the left and three on the right. This design has been used to guarantee that the left side of the equation contains a calculation and the right side has the answer.

You have a total of 5 attempts, as opposed to Wordle's 6, to figure out what the equation looks like. Depending on your guesses, colored boxes will appear: green when a digit or character is correctly placed, yellow when one is present but not correctly placed, and gray when the character is not present anywhere in the equation.

In many ways, Mathle is similar to a simpler form of Nerdle, but you know exactly where the left and right sides of an equation are rather than having to guess where the two sections of an equation split.

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