Microsoft Wordament

Microsoft Wordament is the latest game from the makers of the original Wordament app, where players compete to see who can make the other player say as many words as possible in a minute. Wordament is a bit different though because you play against a computer instead of another person. The objective is to be the last one standing and if you’re playing on PC or Xbox One, it will come down to wits and strategy.

To begin with, you’ll need to pick a player token and place it at your start space. The starting spaces are not equal either so it’s worth paying attention to where you place them. Once your word cards are set up, you can begin by taking turns by drafting cards from your deck until someone runs out of cards in their hand or until all of their word cards have been revealed. You cannot draft more than three word cards regardless of how much time remains so keep that in mind when building your deck. As soon as everyone has drafted their word cards, they will go into play simultaneously and players now have thirty seconds to use them however they wish. If you choose to activate an activated ability while an opponent is using it then end their turn immediately before they reveal a card (unless they reveal an attack). If they do reveal an attack during this turn then you must attempt to block it with one or more of your word cards before any damage is dealt. 

Microsoft Wordament is a word-based puzzle game. It focuses on reading, writing and spelling skills. You need to create words that are longer than 3 letters in length by swapping or connecting letters. You can play this game online with your friends as well as against them. You can compete against the world ranking scorers, set a personal best time, or simply have fun with your friends. There are 4 different game modes to keep the game interesting for you: Quick Game (5 words), Word Challenge (3 words), Scramble Mode (5 scrambled words) and League Mode (continuous improvement of your Wordament skills).
Wordament is not just a game—it’s a digital literacy tool for adults and kids alike!

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