Mumble Jumble

Mumble Jumble is a fun word game for kids, parents and anyone looking for a good laugh. This version of This game is specially designed for toddlers to help them fall asleep or relax. The object of the game is to form words from meaningless jumbles. Sounds simple, right? Well, once you start playing you’ll probably see that it’s not so easy. There are so many different starting combinations that it’s almost impossible to know where to begin. To make things even more difficult, each combination requires a completely different set of words. That makes it hard to figure out what kind of mumbling noises you’re making as you play! This one will help you test your vocabulary and brain power at the same time, as it helps develop your imagination as well as your pronunciation skills. It can be a lot of fun just playing with your family and friends over a cup of coffee or a glass of milk. 

This is my first published story on Mumble Jumble. However, 7 years ago, I wrote the first version of this story to solve a puzzle that my friends and I were playing together (and still do). The theme was “word association”, and this game was played with the main character answering word games based on given word pairs. The objective was to create a word association list that had both words in common with the main character’s name Robert mentioned animals and blood; Bob mentioned blood) and as many people as possible Robert mentioned animals and blood.


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