Players get six guesses to solve the math puzzle, keeping with the general rules of the genre. The missing numbers and symbols are highlighted in gray, the ones that are misplaced are highlighted in brown, and the ones that belong there are highlighted in green. Each estimate a player makes in Numberle must be a correct equation, such as 3+5+7=15, rather than a word from the game's lexicon.

Do you have a quick math mind? Here's your time to show it off and see whether you can also predict the solution correctly after six tries. Numberle is a new number game that will need you to utilize reasoning and your mathematical prowess in order to win. This fun and fast-paced game requires you to use your entire mental ability. You need to be tactical, logical, and analytical to win this game.

Do you excel at math? Make use of this awesome game to put your skills to the test and demonstrate how good you are at solving equations. The rules are simple: you must accurately anticipate the equation six times. It seems easy, doesn't it? Check your skills right away!

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