School Word Search

The team of editors at Little Green Eggs and Little Words is always looking for new ways to make your kids’ experience with word puzzles even more fun and engaging. We love creating kid-friendly word games that are both challenging and fun, but we also want them to be educational! That’s why when we heard about WordSearch, we knew it would be the perfect addition to any reading or puzzle game night. WordSearch is a classic game that every parent and child can enjoy together — it’s easy to learn, great for building vocabulary, and a lot of fun. Here’s how it works: Each player takes turns spelling a word from the list provided. When everyone has spells his or her word, the players must use only words from the list to create sentences. The first player to fill in their word by using only TwoWords or fewer letters wins! This simple game can be played with up to four players (or teams). 

In the School Word Search game, you need to find the word or phrases that begin with a certain letter of the alphabet. For example, if you were given the letter A, you would search for “A” words. Once you see a word or set of words, you can click on it to prove its validity – or not! The object of this word game is to find all the words that begin with a certain letter of the alphabet. 

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