The use of letters to create words is a prevalent element in a wide variety of word games. Based on this central concept, word games have seen numerous variants. Squaredle is one of these games.

Squardle is a daily game that can only be played once every day. We'll walk you through the game of Squardle and give you hints and strategies so you can get better.

The game is challenging at first. Squardle gives you the option to publish your daily challenge solution on social media after you complete it. Spread the word to your friends! 

You will need an opponent and two sets of letter cards to play SQUAREDLE. The first participant lists their 40 words (one per card). They arrange all 40 cards face-down in a row with their chosen words concealed, writing alternately from left to right and top to bottom. They place all 40 cards face down in front of them, out of sight, then rub their fingers over them to make an impression and remove any writing.

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