Playing Sweardle is quite similar to playing Wordle. A player will come across an empty grid of squares every day when they visit the website. The next step is for players to guess a word to begin. Sweardle uses four-letter words with four guesses as opposed to Wordle's five-character words and six guesses, which makes it a little bit simpler and easier to understand. Similar to Wordle, a yellow brick indicates that a letter is in the proper location while a green brick indicates that the incorrect letter is in the proper location. Only vulgar language will be tolerated.

Each player may place a tile only if they and the other believe they are creating a legitimate word—and only one real word. If not, they must hold onto their tile until their subsequent turn before using it again.

When no more tiles may be added, the goal of the game is to have as many words on the board as you can. According to its length, each participant receives points for each phrase they came up with during the game: Each letter is worth five points, each vowel three points, each consonant one point, with extra points for double letters or Vs. Those with the most points win.

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