Witch Word:Halloween Puzzel Game

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Witch Word:Halloween Puzzel Game is the last night of October when the witches, demons and ghosts wake up from their graves to scare us. We all know how much kids enjoy scary stories, especially when you are going to get something for free for doing magic and ghosts tricks. We have created an amazing witch word game, in witch you need to find all the words on a grid of letters. If you can, find all the hidden words before time runs out!

Play this free puzzle game and have fun! This is a game for all ages. Kids will like it while adults will enjoy the challenging aspect of the game. It features an easy to use interface so you can jump in and out of the game easily. The game also includes a high score table to see how well you are doing compared to your friends. Have fun!

Hi everyone, I've developed a new game. It is called Witch Word and it's a mix of word puzzle and horror! We have spent several months developing it. I'd be grateful if you could give us a hand to bring this project to life. You can download the game (Windows only, for now) here.





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