Word Connect Crossword Puzzles

It's my favorite time of year. The sun is shining, the bored kids are playing games on their tablets, and the only thing on my mind is crossword puzzles. But not all crosswords are created equal. Word Connect Crossword Puzzles is a particular style of crossword puzzle that I love to call word connect. Crosswords that feature this type of puzzle are called word connect crosses because each grid lines up with a defined word or theme like “cross” or “connect” (or both). Each answer must connect the theme to the sentence, paragraph, or other clues within the grid. This can be a tricky style of crossword solving but it's one of my favorites because it requires you to think on your feet and make connections quickly in an atmosphere where anything goes… If you're looking for a casual game that challenges your brain at just the right moments, check out word connect. You'll instantly feel like part of a group even if you aren't quite up to speed on all the lingo. We have crossword puzzles for beginners as well as experts who can finish in record time. 

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