Word Sauce

Word Sauce is because words in other languages have meanings that are different from those of English. So, when you hear someone speak French or Italian, for example, you’re not really listening to the words but their meaning. It’s not actually words but sentences which convey meaning. If you can master the art of using word-wise expressions to make your point, you’ll be able to talk about any subject matter in a serious and engaging manner without sounding stilted or directionless. 

Imagine you’re at a party and your friends start singing the National Anthem. You know you want to know what happens next, right? Well, it seems like everyone has an idea for how to make everyone else stop singing. Your best friend is probably planning on asking everyone in the bar what they are drinking and where they are drinking it too! So where do you go from here? Create word lists! Get people talking about their first names and last names, their favorite movies and baseball games, their favorite restaurant, their favorite food combination and more. 

It's that time of the year again! The coldest of the year is finally here and it'll leave you wondering what game you should play this winter!This season, we're all looking for ways to brighten your day and make things a little more enjoyable. We're also looking for great word-game, word-scape, word gift and word puzzle ideas so be sure to post yours in the comments below.

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