Words Search : Hollywood Stars

The time has come that your favorite cartoon and X-Men stars are going to have to go back to school. You know, the real kind with rules, schedules, teachers who won’t be texting during class and test questions that actually make sense. Well, the game is afoot! The real deal Hollywood is back in this all new casual game from Playground Games. In Hollywood Stars: Game you take on the role of a struggling actor who decides to head back to LA to try his hand at playing games instead well, being an actor. It’s not working out for you in Tinseltown and now you’ve taken a job as a video game designer for some of Hollywood’s most famous and infamous stars. Like any good design project, it started with cardboard and some rough sketches on paper. Now that your concept prototypes have been played by actual movie stars and directors, it’s time to put together a final production model based on your feedback. From there, the fun can begin! 

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